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My resume is available here in the following formats:

Bomb Scare II

Intended for a class project which happened to include a parody of 'Unsolved Mysteries'. The name is based on where this kind of music is usually used these days - on CNN and FOX when they talk about the 'axis of evil' and such concepts.


A simple little proof-of-concept Breakout-type game I made by way of teaching myself Flash game programming.

Source code available here.

Edward Teach

A quick hornpipe made by jamming with myself years ago, and named after the world's most famous buccaneer.

Generated displacement test

An experiment in image processor scripting. The starfield is distorted by a generated fractal animation, where the X and Y displacement of each pixel is controlled by the generated color streams.

Here Lies Quod Dicit

It's essentially a beta, but Ruby Quill is now ready to launch.

Which means that Quod Dicit, my old site, is officially deprecated.

"Quod Dicit" was supposed to be Latin for "because I said", but in practice it turned out to be Latin for "don't use Latin as a domain name because nobody will understand it".

Ruby Quill is for much the same purpose, but much more human-friendly, and with any luck at all, much more contentful.

Here goes.

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