Abigail B. Spracklin


1507 Edinburgh St., New Westminster, BC, V3M 2W5


I am a 20-year veteran software developer and architect, familiar with developing on every common computer platform with a wide variety of toolchains. My technical specialties include languages, data transformation and translation, and web development, but I am a polymath with a high rate of learning and adaptability to any necessary field.





Project Highlights

eslexplorer.com — ESL Explorer

As the architectural lead and most senior developer, it fell to me to design the data objects and back-end interface that the entire project was based on. This required a number of innovations, including an attenuated preference-matching algorithm, a multilingual URL parser, and an exceedingly flexible pricing system capable of implementing any arbitrary price scheme that a school anywhere in the world might produce.

MyDDSNetwork — Graphically Speaking Services Inc

My duties included spearheading the largest and most programmatically intensive project ever attempted by the company. As team lead, I was responsible for team management, data structure and architectural design of the entire project. Additionally, I was responsible for the design and programming of the project's key Flash application.

Enterprise Engine — Abbyshot Custom Clothiers

Over the course of five months in 2004, I created their entire enterprise system and online presence in PHP4 and MySQL. This included designing a database, two separate authentication systems, two complete template-driven websites including all graphics, and a complete inventory and order tracking engine.

Recent Employment History

Server Developer - IUGO Mobile Entertainment

2015, Vancouver, BC

I both designed and implemented numerous improvements for the company's toolchain servers, building features and updating the UI for the back-end systems that controlled the end players' experiences.

Core Tech Developer — Roadhouse Interactive

2014 – 2015, Vancouver, BC

At Roadhouse I worked with the core shared solutions team on technology that would be used in all current and future game development, such as a new multi-account login engine, and also on procedures for retrofitting externally-developed software to be compatible with these technologies.

Senior Developer — Pencilneck Software

2012 – 2014, Vancouver, BC

My role at Pencilneck spanned all disciplines associated with software development, with a particular focus on new technologies and complete system architecture.

Lead Developer — ESL Explorer

2012, Vancouver, BC

I was brought in at ground level to lead the architectural design and implementation of the intricate back-end described above for the web application upon which the company's entire business model is based.

Senior Developer — Cuzzo Music, Inc.

2011, Vancouver, BC

I took over the flagship Facebook app project from an outside development company and led the run-up to release. I was also involved in the early stages of the Cuzzo desktop player application, web and desktop security, and also some system administration.

Senior Architect — Graphically Speaking Services, Inc

2006 – 2009, Vancouver, BC

I was involved with all aspects of development, including project management, data design, and application architecture. My web specialties included highly advanced JavaScript, using on-the-fly DOM generation and AJAX. Additionally, through my problem-solving skills I had developed a strong reputation for solving problems which have proven challenging.

Software Designer — E-xact Transactions, Ltd

2006, Vancouver, BC

I designed and implemented the comprehensive data model and the early versions of the UI for E-xact's new transaction and user account management system, in MySQL and Ruby on Rails. This includes a wizard engine, internationalization, and AJAX integration.

Education History

Pre-Medical Program Coursework

2010 – 2011, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC

Course concentration in biology and organic chemistry

Business Administration

2003 – 2005, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL

Course concentration in operations and finance

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

1994 – 1998, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL

Course concentration in software engineering